30 Day Challenge Review August 2013 (and the next one…!)

30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge Review

So here I am again, at the end of yet another 30 day challenge!

It’s been an interesting experience this month, as at times I did wonder if I had been flagging a bit with my challenge. However, when I finally came round to review what I had written in my journal and summarise it in the table below, it didn’t really seem quite that bad. The facts speak for themselves really:

01/08/2013 Rest day (after arduous previous 30 Day Challenge)
02/08/2013 Finished ‘30 Day Goal Machine’ and another e-book; planning and recording in journal.
03/08/2013 Blog post about new challenge; read relevant e-books on Kindle; joined Bubblews writing site; entries made in journal.
04/08/2013 Spreadsheet planners for articles and e-books created to keep track of work; journal updated.
05/08/2013 Entries made in journal; read relevant e-books on Kindle.
06/08/2013 Entries made in journal, including planning notes.
07/08/2013 Entries made in journal, including planning notes.
08/08/2013 Entries made in journal; signed up to Triond and edited Bubblews.
09/08/2013 Entries made in journal; purchased two new e-books, one with info on ‘Internet Lifestyle Productivity.’
10/08/2013 Entries made in journal; began working on ILP material.
11/08/2013 Entries made in journal; continued working on ILP material.
12/08/2013 Entries made in journal; created documents as per ILP book.
13/08/2013 Entries made in journal; worked through ILP e-book and made notes; worked on draft article.
14/08/2013 Entries made in journal; came up with blog post idea.
15/08/2013 Entries made in journal; worked on productivity system; downloaded time management app for Kindle and started using it.
16/08/2013 Entries made in journal; worked on ILP and produced schedules/process checklists; worked on article.
17/08/2013 Entries made in journal; worked on draft article.
18/08/2013 Entries made in journal; worked on draft article.
19/08/2013 Entries made in journal: researched and took action on marketing strategies.
20/08/2013 Entries made in journal; worked on draft article and blog post.
21/08/2013 Entries made in journal.
22/08/2013 Entry made in journal; focused on productivity actions.
23/08/2013 Entry made in journal; focused on productivity actions.
24/08/2013 Entries made in journal.
25/08/2013 Entries made in journal; reviewed and created plan for week.
26/08/2013 Entries in journal; started added gratitude elements to journal; updated draft article.
27/08/2013 Entries in journal; completed article and submitted it to website.
28/08/2013 Entries in journal; internet business marketing activities.
29/08/2013 Entries in journal; worked on draft report; first article on Bubblews; niche research.
30/08/2013 Entries in journal; review of draft article based on proof-reading feedback; wrote another Bubblews article.
31/08/2013 Entries in journal; wrote another Bubblews article.

So, what can I conclude from this on reflection? Well, here’s my assessment:

  • My use of the 30 day journal has certainly been helpful in recording my progress, as well as motivational stuff to keep me motivated. It certainly helps to make a regualr written record of your goals (as well as using said record as a constant reminder.) The only thing I think I perhaps should use the journal for is to write more detail regarding progress and actions to be taken. I will certainly endeavour to write more of these types of entries for this month’s challenge! (However, I did also start a separate little note-pad for ideas which I have recorded a few in. I’ll use this to progress the ‘project tasks’ section of my productivity system  this month in addtion.)
  • I have progressed my blog with the assistance of the Internet Lifestyle Productivity system as mentioned in the previous post (as created by Steve Scott.) This was particularly useful, as I found that I was suffering from a productivity deficit. Steve’ book gave me some guidance as to a highly felxible system of time management which will fit around other commitments. In particular, I have adopted a well-established time-pod system from this which I’ve found especially motivating (I hope to make this the subject of a future post.) Without this input, I think I might have fallen flat on my face with this challenge! However, I still have to fully implement everything in the ILP system. These things take time to understand and, as Steve says, you need to be prepared to make mistakes.
  • I did flag a little with commiting to actual writing goals, such as signing-up to and utilising some of the writing sites mentioned in the table above. To be fair, it did need a little planning and preparation to get started. Towards the end, I did start writing on one of sites: Bubblews (well recommended, by the way, if you are interested in writing short articles.) I also managed to finally complete the article I had been writing for Skills You Need – you can view that by clicking here.

All in all, it hasn’t been too bad and, again, I am pleased with what I have achieved this month. I’ve also learnt one or two things which I’ll take forward into the next challenge.

In light of that, what is my September 30 Day Challenge? Well, progressing on from August, I’ve decided to focus on writing articles for the online sites I have signed up for. As usual, here is my ‘SMART’ target:

S – Specific: to write an article everyday for Bubblews and other sites;

M – Measurable: by producing at least one article every day on different subjects;

A – Achievable: with effective planning and time management;

R – Realistic: I am able to write at least one article per day by dedicating at least half an hour;

T – Timely: 30 days, by 30th September 2013.

Here is my action plan using ‘next logical steps’ for the challenge:

Article writing September 2013: Complete and submit SYN article Write articles for Bubblews Track and review articles Review Triond and start to submit articles Review writing book and focus on other suggestions Identify and sign up for another site Submit article to this site

So, quite a bit to there really! As you would expect, I’ve already started on the challenge (what with there only being 30 days in September!) Here are the results from my spreadsheet:

01/09/2013 Bubblews Systema Coaching About Systema Coaching and the learning process
02/09/2013 Bubblews 30 Day Challenge The antidote to laziness

Two articles already this month – and I’ll be writing another today. I feel motivated already!

What do you think of my 30 day challenge? Any feedback or comment is certainly welcome. Are you doing a 30 day challenge yourself? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to add a comment below.

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