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Conflict Management and De-Escalation Training

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Have you ever been in a conflict situation and not known how to handle it? Have you actually found that in that conflict situation things have started to get out of hand and you have started to fear for your

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Conflict Management Masterclass

Anger 2 Conflict Management Masterclass Hi, and welcome to this short video blog post. I’m Nick Davies of N Davies Training. This video is actually a bit of a follow up to my previous one on the NFPS Masterclass. But before

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Breathing To Control Stress

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Breathing To Control Stress In this video blog post, I’m going to be talking about how to use breathing to control stress. Now, this is something I’ve been aware of for quite a number of years, as it is an

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Making Mistakes Can Be Great!

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You might recall one my last videos and the related blog post about what it actually means to fail. Now, if you watched that you’ll know that fail doesn’t really mean ‘fail’, it actually means ‘First Attempt in Learning’. In

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Profit before Safety?


If you’re a business owner or employer, ignore your duty of care at your peril! It may seem that I’m taking to my pulpit again, but the importance of health and safety – especially with regard to violence at work

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Doorman gets Six Years for Manslaughter

This is why you can’t ignore the Law regarding ‘Reasonable Force’! A doorman has received a six-year custodial sentence for the manslaughter of a customer in an Oldbury nightclub. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened (another door

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Experiential Learning


What is the Experiential Learning Cycle and how can assist with the delivery of physical skills training? The video above is a bit of a follow-up to my previous video on what it means to fail – and if you

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Health & Safety Failings Lead To Jail…

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How Health & Safety failings could lead to jail and why self-employed contractors, including trainers and instructors, need to take notice of this case: How seriously should trainers and instructors take their obligations under Health and Safety? The answer to this

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What It Means To Fail…

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What does it means to fail? And by this, I mean, really ‘fail’? This might seem to be a strange subject to talk about, as you’ve probably heard so much about ‘success’ and how we achieve it. After all, nobody

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The Four Stages of Competence

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How can we develop and nurture skills in the students we teach? This is actually a process which instructors and trainers need to understand if their training delivery is to be effective and beneficial to those who they are instructing, especially

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