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ECtHR Use of Force Ruling

The verdict of the European Court of Human Rights with regard to the tragic case of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at the Stockwell Tube Station in 2005 has now been reached. You might recall that I previously

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H&S: Why training is important

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Training is actually essential from a Health and Safety point of view, and this certainly includes physical skills such as Physical Intervention or  Self-Defence and Break-Away. This is why the video posted here is a follow-up to the previous video

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NFPS Annual Use of Force Seminar 2016

At seminar

Are you a use of force trainer, or a commissioner of training? Now, if – like me- you happen to be in the business of providing use of force training, such as physical intervention or conflict management, or are actually a business

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Police and the Use of Force


Should Police be better at recording when they have used force? Also, should they receive better training in relation to the use of force itself, especially in relation to vulnerable people? This is something which the latest Independent Police Complaints

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Clear Thinking

Brain - 3D illustration.

How can developing clear thinking assist training? This is a question I considered following another Systema lesson with Andy Travis, the instructor at Russian Martial Art GB and is a little bit of a follow-up to my last post on building

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POP for Safety!

An old fashioned London Alleyway in the city.

How to quickly assess a threat? Try ‘POP’ – Person – Object – Place When facing the possibility of being involved in a potentially violent incident, it helps to know how to quickly assess the threat so you can plan

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5 Child Street Safety Awareness Tips

Child Street Safety

Child Street Safety Awareness for Children and Parents What can be done to increase your child’s safety when they’re walking in the street, especially when they are on their own? The reason why I made the video that’s featured here

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Creating Confidence

confidence creation

Creating Confidence when Instructing Why is building confidence in delegates on physical skills training courses, such as self defence or physical intervention, so important? It’s actually hugely important when you’re trying to facilitate learning, and this the reason why I’m

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The Answer to the Problem of Violence in Schools

Teacher suffering from acute stress resting her head on her arms at her desk in front of the blackboard as she seeks to gather herself together

Violence in Schools is on the increase and teachers are increasingly being assaulted by pupils. This disturbing issue which has certainly gained a lot of coverage in the press as of late. For instance, it was reported by the BBC

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Verdict on Householder Defence

It is still lawful for householder’s to use ‘disproportionate force’ to defend themselves and their families in their own homes. This is the verdict of the High Court in the case of Denby Collins which was handed down last Friday,

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