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Conflict Management and De-Escalation Training

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Have you ever been in a conflict situation and not known how to handle it? Have you actually found that in that conflict situation things have started to get out of hand and you have started to fear for your

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Breathing To Control Stress

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Breathing To Control Stress In this video blog post, I’m going to be talking about how to use breathing to control stress. Now, this is something I’ve been aware of for quite a number of years, as it is an

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Profit before Safety?


If you’re a business owner or employer, ignore your duty of care at your peril! It may seem that I’m taking to my pulpit again, but the importance of health and safety – especially with regard to violence at work

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POP for Safety!

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How to quickly assess a threat? Try ‘POP’ – Person – Object – Place When facing the possibility of being involved in a potentially violent incident, it helps to know how to quickly assess the threat so you can plan

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5 Child Street Safety Awareness Tips

Child Street Safety

Child Street Safety Awareness for Children and Parents What can be done to increase your child’s safety when they’re walking in the street, especially when they are on their own? The reason why I made the video that’s featured here

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The Truth About Situational Awareness


Why is Situational Awareness so important? The truth is that most people have probably not heard of ‘Situational Awareness’, yet only the other day this very subject was touched upon in the media due to comments made by a former head

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