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Health & Safety Failings Lead To Jail…

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How Health & Safety failings could lead to jail and why self-employed contractors, including trainers and instructors, need to take notice of this case: How seriously should trainers and instructors take their obligations under Health and Safety? The answer to this

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POP for Safety!

An old fashioned London Alleyway in the city.

How to quickly assess a threat? Try ‘POP’ – Person – Object – Place When facing the possibility of being involved in a potentially violent incident, it helps to know how to quickly assess the threat so you can plan

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Managing Fight-or-Flight through the ‘Pre-Mortem’

Managing Fight or Flight or Stress through the use of a ‘Pre-Mortem’ We all know the effects of ‘fight-or-flight’ aka ‘stress’ when facing a major threat in some form, because we’ve all experienced it (you wouldn’t be human if you

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