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Making Mistakes Can Be Great!

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You might recall one my last videos and the related blog post about what it actually means to fail. Now, if you watched that you’ll know that fail doesn’t really mean ‘fail’, it actually means ‘First Attempt in Learning’. In

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What It Means To Fail…

Burn out - gestresster Mann

What does it means to fail? And by this, I mean, really ‘fail’? This might seem to be a strange subject to talk about, as you’ve probably heard so much about ‘success’ and how we achieve it. After all, nobody

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My 30 Day Challenge – my Goal for the Month of June 2012

My 30 Day Challenge! A few days ago, I wrote this post on Success Psychology: It was inspired by an engineer from Google called Matt Cutts. As featured in the blog post, Matt gave a TED talk about habit forming

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Welcome to


  Welcome to, the website of Nicholas Davies: Trainer in Personal Safety, Restraint, Security and Health & Safety. If you are anything like me, you’ll know the value of personal development and training to achieve success. You’ll undertand the

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