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Conflict Management and De-Escalation Training

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Have you ever been in a conflict situation and not known how to handle it? Have you actually found that in that conflict situation things have started to get out of hand and you have started to fear for your

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Making Mistakes Can Be Great!

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You might recall one my last videos and the related blog post about what it actually means to fail. Now, if you watched that you’ll know that fail doesn’t really mean ‘fail’, it actually means ‘First Attempt in Learning’. In

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Experiential Learning


What is the Experiential Learning Cycle and how can assist with the delivery of physical skills training? The video above is a bit of a follow-up to my previous video on what it means to fail – and if you

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Health & Safety Failings Lead To Jail…

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How Health & Safety failings could lead to jail and why self-employed contractors, including trainers and instructors, need to take notice of this case: How seriously should trainers and instructors take their obligations under Health and Safety? The answer to this

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The Four Stages of Competence

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How can we develop and nurture skills in the students we teach? This is actually a process which instructors and trainers need to understand if their training delivery is to be effective and beneficial to those who they are instructing, especially

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H&S: Why training is important

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Training is actually essential from a Health and Safety point of view, and this certainly includes physical skills such as Physical Intervention or  Self-Defence and Break-Away. This is why the video posted here is a follow-up to the previous video

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Clear Thinking

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How can developing clear thinking assist training? This is a question I considered following another Systema lesson with Andy Travis, the instructor at Russian Martial Art GB and is a little bit of a follow-up to my last post on building

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Creating Confidence

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Creating Confidence when Instructing Why is building confidence in delegates on physical skills training courses, such as self defence or physical intervention, so important? It’s actually hugely important when you’re trying to facilitate learning, and this the reason why I’m

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The Answer to the Problem of Violence in Schools

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Violence in Schools is on the increase and teachers are increasingly being assaulted by pupils. This disturbing issue which has certainly gained a lot of coverage in the press as of late. For instance, it was reported by the BBC

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The Truth About Situational Awareness


Why is Situational Awareness so important? The truth is that most people have probably not heard of ‘Situational Awareness’, yet only the other day this very subject was touched upon in the media due to comments made by a former head

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